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Click on the challenges that are on your business agenda to find the list of responses inside. Choose the solutions (by ticking the boxes) that are still a subject for consideration for your company and have not been implemented yet
  • Corporate Law
    Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises
    For domestic and foreign investors: Get comprehensive buy-side support in purchasing Ukrainian state-owned enterprises and assets
    Corporate Business Restructuring
    Exclude legal risks while restructuring your business (splitting or demerging of businesses, consolidating and simplifying of group structure, launching of new or divesting of existing businesses, capital reorganization). Seek professional advice and benefit from our connected expertise in tax and legal areas
    M&A Pre-Deal & Post-Deal (Integration) Support
    Make the deal come through from the very first word in a letter of intent and full-scope due diligence, to signing transaction documents and the integration of the newly acquired business into the existing one
    Get smart advice from the qualified Bankruptcy Commissioner on the specifics of the bankruptcy procedures in Ukraine, as well as full legal support in representing your interests (as the creditor or the debtor)
    Entity Governance & Compliance
    For public and private entities, domestic and multinational: Benefit from globally co-ordinated corporate entity governance & compliance services, including entity formation, entity management (board meeting support, director training, director changes, changes in share capital, issuing of a power of attorney, support on legal transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, buying and selling of assets etc., managing compliance and reporting obligations, compliance filings) and entity dissolution
    AML “Health Check”
    Ensure your compliance with the new financial monitoring rules introduced by anti-money laundering (AML) legislation
  • Dispute Resolution and White-Collar Crimes
    Response to and protection from illegitimate pressure on business
    Get reliable attorney support to protect your business from the illegitimate pressure by law enforcement authorities and dishonest counterparties, competitors and third parties. Initiating criminal proceedings as an affected party may provide additional leverage to stop illegitimate activities of your opponent (as a restrictive measure) and obtain additional evidence for the purpose of a global defence strategy
    White-collar crimes
    Seek legal assistance by attorneys who will ensure the security of your business in cases including but not only: tax evasion and tax fraud, legalisation, asset misappropriation, all potential types of fraud, forgery, causing bankruptcy, corruption offences, smuggling, illegal takeovers, industrial incidents, fraud in public auctions/tenders, public procurement
    Support in criminal proceedings
    Take care of the safety and security of your business in response to: requests to provide information/documents from law enforcement authorities; temporary access to items / documents; interrogations; searches; asset freeze. Minimise your risks. Engage professional attorneys to develop a strategy to protect your rights and legitimate interests, analyse criminal risks; support you during investigative/procedural activities such as: detention, notice of suspicion of committing a crime, selection of pre-trial restrictions and other
    Get Ready to Tax Audit
    Minimize the consequences of tax audits, i.e. VAT and liquidation audits, which are allowed during the quarantine period. Seek advice on managing the risks and involve lawyers to communicate with tax authorities and challenging their conclusions before Tax Audit Report is issued
    Pre-trial and Trial Resolution of Dispute with State Authorities
    Remove unlawful obstacles to the realisation of your rights and protect your business from unreasonable interruption (e.g., challenging illegal actions/ inactivity/ decisions of tax and customs authorities)
    Commercial Litigation
    Seek advice to resolve your dispute and get full legal support within the court proceedings. Develop an effective strategy of representing your interests before the commercial court of any instance
    Check Your Counterparty
    Check your counterparty’s reliability in order to avoid negative commercial and tax consequences
  • Employment Law
    Resolving labour disputes
    Seek advice to resolve your disputes with the state labour authorities or your employee(s) and get full legal support during their settlement in out-of-court or court proceedings. Develop an effective strategy of negotiations with the party to the dispute to avoid the reputation risks. Get full legal support in representing your interests before the court of any instance
    Harmonise labour safety documentation
    Seek advice on harmonising your labour safety documentation with the most recent changes and requirements of the labour safety legislation. Verify your permits to avoid having penalties imposed and your business processes disturbed by the state authorities
    Harmonise HR Policies and Regulations with the Changes in the Labour Code
    Develop an action plan to address the changes in the Labour Code: update your internal HR policies, develop transformation and communication strategies for employees
  • Foreign Trade
    Anti-Dumping, Anti-Subsidy and Other Trade Defence Measures
    For Ukrainian/foreign manufacturers struggling from unfair cross-border competition. Protect your business by supporting/challenging anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and other emergency remedies that were introduced by Ukraine or elsewhere. Develop strong economic and legal justification for acting in light of such practices
    Authorised Economic Operator (AEO)
    Prepare for obtaining the status of Authorized Economic Operator in order to enjoy expedited customs clearance, cost saving, increase of supply chain efficiency and higher competitiveness in global markets
  • International Tax
    Securing Tax Treaty Benefits
    Develop a defence strategy and compile a defence file to justify using tax treaty benefits with the tax authorities in regard to substance requirements, compliance with the beneficial owner test and principal purpose test
    PE and Ukrainian Tax Residency Risks Assessment
    Assess and manage the risk of triggering a permanent establishment (PE) for a foreign entity operating in Ukraine or transacting with Ukrainian counterparties and the risk of recognising a foreign entity a Ukrainian taxpayer based on the place of effective management concept. Design the roadmap of the non-resident’s compliance in light of the most recent legislative requirements for foreign entities to register with the tax authorities if their PE exists in Ukraine
    Impact of Controlled Foreign Companies (“CFC”) rules
    Assess the impact on the Ukrainian ultimate beneficiaries and their businesses and model potential tax outflows resulting from the CFC rules, and get recommendations on improving the existing ownership and operational structures
    Tax Efficiency of Group Structure
    Perform a gap analysis of your existing or planned corporate, financing and intellectual property structure for compliance with Ukrainian and global tax transparency and anti-abuse initiatives (BEPS, ATAD, CRS, etc). Enjoy a modern PwC IT based solution for comparing jurisdictions corresponding to the set of criteria (both tax and no-tax). Develop a road map for group structuring/restructuring
    FATCA Readiness (for financial institutions only)
    Validate the readiness of your organization’s processes and availability of the required information for the FATCA reporting
    FATCA/СRS Classification (for non-banking institutions)
    Determine your Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) & Common Reporting Standard (CRS) status, self-certify required forms and tax residency certificates (e.g.,W8 tax residency certificate) when opening a bank account
  • IP, IT and Data Protection
    Domain name dispute resolution
    Consider all the advantages of non-judicial dispute resolution procedure for protecting your rights to domain name(s)
    Data protection and GDPR gap analysis
    Identify risks related to personal data processing and get help on complying with the Ukrainian legislation and GDPR requirements
    Consider the possibility of registering IP objects in the Customs Register to combat counterfeit products
    IP Due Diligence and clean-up
    Mitigate the risks with respect to IP by developing the appropriate legal instruments for the management of IP assets
    IP disputes
    Seek advice to protect your IP rights and resolve your dispute properly, and get full legal support before the courts and in administrative proceedings
    IP registration
    Ensure the proper registration of all IP objects in Ukraine and abroad (TM, designs, inventions, utility models, copyrights) before the National Intellectual Property Office and foreign patent offices
    IP contractual management
    Ensure the sound management of IP-related contracts throughout their lifecycle - drafting, review and implementation
    IP strategy development and IP structuring
    Develop a proper strategy for IP commercialisation, create IP portfolio and ensuring the safety of your IP assets
    Electronic Document Workflow
    Guide you through the process of getting rid of piles of papers sitting on your desk from idea inception to execution
    Get support with structuring your e-commerce activities to ensure that they are in line with the law, tax efficient and do not attract tax risks
  • People Management
    Stock Options Plan
    Develop an effective tool for boosting staff motivation in alignment with Ukrainian tax reality
    Personal Tax Returns and CFC documentation
    Prepare personal income/assets tax returns, controlled foreign company (CFC) reports and tax calculations. Estimate potential tax savings and refunds of tax paid, if any
  • Real Estate
    Privatization of state and municipal property
    Take part in the privatization of state and municipal property. Benefit from the comprehensive legal (and practical) support from PwC’s professionals, including legal due diligence of the object of privatization, legal assistance during the privatization process, the conclusion of the sale and purchase agreement with the State Property Fund of Ukraine etc
    Corporate Social Responsibility
    Get to know more about the specifics of Corporate Social Responsibility in Ukraine and worldwide. Benefit from positioning your business as socially responsible
    New benefits for investors
    Benefit from the new opportunities provided under PPP, the brand new "investment nanny" and industrial parks legislation. Get highly professional legal (and practical) advice on the specifics and incentives of these legal instruments
    Land Market
    Join the active players on the newly opened land market. Protect your rights and benefit from the opening of the land market thanks to the well-balanced legal (and practical) solutions from PwC’s professionals
    Assets Management
    Optimize your business by creating an efficient corporate governance structure for asset management (incl. the management of real estate objects)
  • Statutory Compliance
    Payroll “Health Check”
    Review of the methodology applied to payroll calculations, payroll-related reporting and other payroll-related settlements with the employees in order to confirm the compliance with labour and tax legislation or to identify and suggest mitigation actions for potential risks
    Accounting “Health Check”
    Conduct a methodological review of full accounting entries or separate accounting areas in order to define potential risks /opportunities, identify areas for improving the accounting function, confirm the proper function of the department for the management or stakeholders. This may also help to identify and manage risks relevant for Corporate Income Tax compliance
    Outsourcing of Accounting, Tax Compliance, Payroll and HR Functions
    Consider a “one-stop-shop” solution to ensure your compliance with the most recent Ukrainian tax legislation and reporting requirements. Get immediate access to tax consultants and lawyers to solve complicated and tricky issues
  • Tax Management
    VAT Pro-Rata Efficiency Analysis
    Explore ways to cut pure VAT related losses arising due to conducting business activity with a different VAT treatment
    Tax crash-test of operating structure
    Test your planned or existing way of doing business to promptly identify areas of potential tax leakage and/or risks. Get a full list of alternative options and recommendations dealing with the identified issues from the experts
    Tax review
    Chose a type of the review that addresses your needs. A comprehensive review allows you to form a full and well-rounded picture about your tax function and compliance processes based on our detailed analysis of your business transactions with the use of modern technologies. At your choice, it may focus on tax saving opportunities as well. An express review is an interview based, brief "Tax Health Check" to assess your tax risk profile and areas for immediate improvement before the tax office sends you a bill
  • Transfer Pricing
    Defence file for the business rationale (economic benefit)
    Develop the methodology and quantify benefits to evidence the business rationale of your company’s activities and support the deductibility of respective expenses
    Defence file for a negative TP position*
    Support your losses (or reduction in profitability) originated from the economic downturn and mitigate the risk of TP adjustments
    TP Documentation and Reports
    Prepare a transfer pricing (TP) documentation, Masterfile, Country-by-Country report, TP report (notification) to comply with the law and mitigate risks of penalties and TP adjustments
    TP policy and operating model set-up/ transformation
    Mitigate THE risks at the moment of price-setting. Set-up and/or transform your operating model so that allocation of functions, risks, assets and profits between your group entities across the globe allows you to maximize tax efficiency
  • Private Matters of Business Owners
    Foreign investment management
    Develop efficient tax planning for foreign investments, particularly, in securities. Go through the process of opening accounts in foreign banks and compliance procedures smoothly and with low efforts
    Ukrainian Tax Amnesty
    Understand the relevance to you of the tax amnesty which is available to individuals in Ukraine during 1 year starting from 1 September 2021. Estimate potential tax obligations under various scenarios of the tax amnesty. Prepare the required supporting documentation to take full advantage of legalising incomes/assets and ensure full personal compliance and transparency
    CFC Disclosure and Tax Reporting
    Prepare CFC notifications, annual reports and tax calculations. Estimate potential tax savings and refunds of tax paid, if any
    Planning for new Ukrainian CFC Rules
    Analyse if the profits of your controlled foreign companies (CFC) are subject to disclosure in Ukraine and to Ukrainian tax. Get advice on whether you can optimise your business structure to reduce your tax bill, or enjoy the so-called tax-free liquidation of CFC. If the latter is the case, perform pre-liquidation preparation to ensure beneficial tax treatment at the future alienation of the assets received during the tax-free liquidation
    Personal Structures
    Whether you plan to set up, or review/change the existing personal structure of UBO (personal holding companies, trusts, foundations etc.), benefit from checking whether this structure is transparent, protects UBO’s assets reliably, enables business succession and continuity, and the flexible and prompt inheritance process. Understand the tax efficiency of your structure in terms of distributions to UBOs and the potential exit
    Individual’s Tax Residency Status
    Review the Ultimate Beneficial Owner’s (UBO’s) tax residency status in Ukraine and/or other jurisdictions (including in case of immigration) and prepare a defence file to support this status